Quick & Easy Weight Loss

Quick weight loss is what people hope to achieve when they embark upon starvation diets. Problem is when they resume normal eating habits they not only put back on their weight, and often a little more.

Why is that? How can you avoid it?

And what’s the best way to achieve quick weight loss that lasts?

Let’s clarify first of all the term ‘weight loss’.

Weight loss can result from a reduction in all kinds of parts of the body – Fluid, Glycogen, Muscle, Connective Tissue, Fat, Bone (you can chop off your arm or leg and lose weight, ha ha!)

Most people are obsessed with their “weight” and quick weight loss, thinking this is about being slim or fat.

It is therefore vital that you start thinking in terms of the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

It’s the ratio of fat to muscle that determines our ideal weight and body shape.

The greater your percentage body fat, the bigger your waist measurement, generally speaking. If you reduce your body fat, your waist AND your weight will go down, but this doesn’t always happen in proportion.

On a weight loss program, if you are also building muscle or replacing lost muscle, your weight may stay the same for a while, and you may notice inch loss first and foremost.

In fact, you may for a time be losing fat that has been stored around your internal organs, which is a good thing, right?*!!

A word of caution: if you manage quick weight loss but no loss of inches, then chances are you are NOT losing body fat but fluid and valuable tissue.

In order to lose body fat you need to create a calorie deficit, reducing calories eaten below calories used.

The traditional method is to engage in a low calorie diet. But if you’re keen to get a quick weight loss result, often you go too low. Remember human beings’ most powerful natural instinct, the very need to eat in order to survive.

If the body requires food to survive, what happens if we try and starve the body?

When the body is starved of nutrients, it will lose weight through loss of glycogen, connective tissue i.e. ligaments and tendons, water, density of bone, worst of all muscle, but least of all body fat.

Worse of all, if you try and starve the body your metabolism will slow down therefore reducing the amount of calories your body will burn.

Your body will also create an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase, which is what moves fat from our diet into our fat cells. Put simply when the body has come out of famine, it becomes overly efficient in storing any excess food as body fat.

So, knowing this, you can see that it is important when reducing calories not to starve the body.

Make sure that you still eat a wide variety of nutrients that keeps you in the right energy balance, maintains your muscle mass, whilst still bringing about a calorie deficit.

By reducing your daily calories by 500 calories a day over a week (3500 calorie deficit), you will lose around a pound of body fat safely and furthermore keep it off!

Is that quick weight loss? Probably not as quick as you’d like, but it is a lasting weight loss. So that’s the gist of it really.

However, since there are SO many different quick weight loss diet pills and potions on the market, I thought I’d devote a whole page to myth busting weight loss pills – it’s great fun.

Forget diet pills – A much more sensible and easy plan ….

You know that the only sure fire way to lose weight is to create a calorie reduction compared to what your body needs, right?

OK, so here’s a great tip ….

If you want to find an easy way to counting calories – then you need to include a nutrition boosting shake drink.

  1. Take two shakes a day (250 calories each!!! but packed full of nutrition and protein in a balanced way to optimise your metabolism)
  2. plus one medium, healthy meal (around 500 calories)
  3. add in a snack (125 calories) and 2 pieces of fruit (75 calories)
  4. drink the thermo-fat-burning herbal beverage5. exercise if you can …

and hey presto ….


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